VOYA reviews Another Miserable Love Song.

I just came across this nice review from VOYA:

VOYA, October 2016 (Vol. 39, No. 4) – Deanne Boyer

In Another Miserable Love Song, Kallie Echo does not have a lot going for her in life. After her father’s death several months ago, Kallie is running a losing race against homelessness. When her friend Jamie convinces her to sing for her band, Kallie becomes the new darling of the local music scene. As Kallie begins to steal the show as “Misery Girl,” she discovers how her pain dissipates through expressing it in music. This book is made up of short chapters, rapid plot development, and a high-interest story line. The writing is easy to understand with simple vocabulary, but loses nothing in complexity of plot and development of characters. The book deals with a hard-hitting issue in a way that is realistic and relatable. Carter has written a well-crafted engaging book that is also a great choice for reluctant readers. The title would be good choices for a middle-school or high-school library, as well as a public library setting. (Orca Soundings) Reviewer: Deanne Boyer; Ages 12 to 18.

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