Star Eaters


In a far-off galaxy, entire worlds are dying.

Their suns and other stars are being consumed by Star Eaters, members of an intergalactic corporation who use advanced technology to steal energy from planets to fuel a fleet of roving starships. But Destin, a young and newly minted Star Eater, is reluctant to destroy worlds he’s never even seen. When he finds a mysterious stowaway girl named Calla on his ship after his first solo mission, Destin is torn. He must decide between turning her in or helping her save her planet. Time is running out—he only has one day before the planet’s sun star dies forever, and only enough fuel to reach home or escape for good.

“The moral quandary in this science-fiction tale for reluctant readers is sharply articulated and deeply felt.”—Kirkus Reviews

… the high interest factor of this superbly written book for teens, which pits Destin’s empathy for someone fiercely protective of her homeland against the insatiable need for energy … Now Destin is faced with the ultimate decision of his young life.

Carter’s novel is action-packed yet thoughtful, as it considers the ethics of blindly following orders and thereby causing mortal damage to other species and entire environments. – Caroline Woodward (BCBW 2022)

Highly Recommended – CM Reviews