Double or Nothing

Ester “Essie” Tomasi is a genius. She got an early entrance scholarship to university and at eighteen years old is already in her second year of pre-med. But Essie also struggles with a dark secret: she has a serious gambling problem. She is falling deeper and deeper into debt, struggling to keep up with her heavy course load and unable to make even the simplest of decisions without flipping a coin. But when Essie makes a bet that she can’t cover, it’s her identical twin sister, Aggie, who comes to the rescue, making a dangerous deal with the gangsters holding Essie’s latest bet. Essie must find her way out of this mess or risk losing everything she’s ever cared about.

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Double or Nothing is a well-written, fast-paced story with a premise that is both believable and chilling. The spiral of addiction and the toll it takes on both family and the individual’s life, are well-described and relatable. The story line, engaging characters, the tension and high stakes, will absorb both boys and girls of all reading abilities.”

– CM Magazine