Another Miserable Love Song is in Print!

So last night when I checked the mail I discovered a package — an unexpected box from my wonderful publisher, Orca Book Publishers. I carefully (ok, quickly) opened it and inside was…

MY BOOK! Like, my actual, for real, in print book! Another Miserable Love Song is real, you guys!

This was one of those moments as a writer that I’ve always dreamed about and it just happened so unexpectedly between getting the kids to bed and doing the dishes. I must have stood there staring at the box of books for a full 10 minutes, just smelling their book-y smell and revelling in what was one of the best moments of my writing career so far.

I felt… proud of myself. And so, so grateful for every person who has opened doors for me along this journey — especially everyone who works in the #orcapod, from Publisher/Editor Andrew Wooldridge to all the awesome marketing and design and editing and publicity folk who work so hard to make quality books for Children and Teens. What’s more, every single person at Orca has been SO NICE to me.

I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to publish my very first novel with such a fine company, and how great it feels to know that we are publishing books featuring #diverse characters for teens.

Here’s a shot of me with my book, only moments from weeping with all the feels:

Me and my book
Yes, that’s me. AND MY BOOK!










AMLS box o books
A whole box of MY BOOK!

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