A nomination!

I just found out that The Danforth Review has nominated my story, The Kingdom of Smoke and Rain, for The Journey Prize!

Having my story published in this fine journal was a really terrific surprise last year, and it led on to some other great things. I am so grateful to the editor, Michael Bryson, for putting my story forward and giving me a shot. I know how much work goes into producing a literary journal and It’s just really inspiring when I see editors and small publishers working so hard to help writers and to share art with the world. Amazing.

The Danforth Review also nominated terrific stories by:

Aaron Schneider – for his story from TDR #57 “Cara’s Men (As Told to You in Confidence)”

Jenny Prior – for her story from TDR #58 “Clinic, Car, Couch”

Fingers crossed!




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