On Blurbing

For most writers I know, requesting blurbs from other writers and people you admire is about as fun as eating glass–which is to say, not fun at all. It’s terrifying to approach someone and ask them to read your book, and even scarier to ask if they will endorse it. Fortunately, I was blessed with having some wonderful writers in my corner who offered their endorsements for The Stone of Sorrow, and I could not be more grateful.

It’s amazing to see that bestselling and award-winning writers have read (and liked!) your work. It’s one of those pinch-me moments.

I’m so pleased that Susan Juby, winner of the Leacock Medal, writer of the Republic of Dirt, The Fashion Committee, and many wonderful books (seriously, go buy them all), has provided a very kind blurb for my book (below).

And I must extend huge, heartfelt thanks to Danielle L. Jensen, author of Dark Shores, for her kind words about my book. AMAZING! Danielle’s blurb is below as well.