CM Magazine reviews The Stone of Sorrow

It’s a “Highly Recommended” 4 stars for The Stone of Sorrow from CM Magazine. Here’s a link and excerpt:

Brooke Carter provides readers with a fast paced and descriptive journey to moonwater. The trio continue to encounter many obstacles that test each of their strengths and help them to grow closer as friends and more. Runa overcomes her fears and enhances her powers as a runecaster. Runa’s love for her sister and her clan are what drive her onwards as well as her seeking answers to her past, who she is, and what she must become for everyone’s survival. 

Carter creatively weaves together myth with realistic aspects of the world that she creates in this fantasy. Readers do not need an extensive knowledge of Norse mythology to understand some of the traditions mentioned, and they can gain a clear picture of Runa’s culture. Most importantly, Carter expresses female empowerment and the importance of self-acceptance. She introduces same sex couples and a nonbinary main character. Readers who enjoy Norse mythology, magic and adventure will find The Stone of Sorrow, with its hints of humor and its complicated characters, a compelling read. Highly Recommended

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