Ghost Girl

Illustrations by the amazingly talented Alyssa Waterbury!

Coming September 2023!

Ten-year-old Sly is spending the weekend with their fortune-telling grandmother at the mysterious Madsen Mansion.

It’s Samhain, a time when the spirits can cross over into the living world, and the old mansion has secrets whispering in the rafters and unused rooms. When Sly and their grandmother hear a voice calling, Sly unlocks a cabinet that reveals a ghost girl who is trapped in a mirror. Then they accidentally speak the words of the spell that enchanted the girl in the first place, and Sly and their grandmother risk being imprisoned in the mirror as well. With the clock ticking till the end of Samhain, it’s up to Sly to solve the ghost’s riddles and puzzles and locate a long-lost book of spells in hopes of freeing them all.

What better way to spend Samhain than in a mansion that might be haunted?! Sly is a ten year old who adores spooky things and for the weekend of Samhain they will be spending it with their fortune-telling grandmother who lives in the mysterious Madsen Mansion. Sly will find themselves with a mystery to solve, a ghost girl to save, and a grandmother to get back all the while facing their fears and solving riddles! This was a really fun read that I think would be perfect for the autumn/spooky season! The artwork was cute and the mystery was fun.

Ashley, D. Bookseller